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"I have been working intensely with automatic test systems for the last 20 years, storing test data and analyzing them was always a challenge. This changed suddenly, the moment I started using WATS. Without spending intensive time in manual data preparation and computing, I can get test process analysis easy and quickly, which offers us an additional boost for our continuous lean activities in production. "

Matthias Strauß, Sennheiser
Production Manager Service and Support

“Almost immediately after adopting WATS we were exposed to the most present weaknesses with our manufacturing test systems. Within the first month of use we were able to reduce the failures in our first test run by 50%, significantly reducing the need to retest our products”

Stefan Ledberg
Test Development Manager


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Solution Overview

WATS is a Test Data Management solution for electronics and electro-mechanics manufacturers. The solution lets users improve their internal effectiveness and improve overall quality on manufactured products.

And by doing so, improving overall profitability.

This includes reduced cost from re-testing products, increased throughput on existing test assets, reduced numbers of defects and factory escapes, and an improvement in the collaboration between manufacturing and R&D.


WATS features global data acquisition, from your own and sub-contracted manufacturing. From any and all data formats.

And a top-down approach to data analytics that guides your investigation to the most pressing issues. You can easily find the most actual frequent failures in both test and repair, and drill down to more details for comparison, investigation and root-cause analysis.

WATS also provides standard statistical capabilities such as Process Capability Analysis, to make quick judgement on how well your products are actually being tested compared to the intended design specifications. 


WATS can also be integrated with a number of other enterprise systems and business dashboards through file exchange or RestAPI. And will typically co-exists with tools such as a Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.



True Yield Reporting
Product&Test Yield Report
Test Step Yield & Analysis Report
Periodic Yield and Retest Report
Total Process Yield Report
Rolled Throughput Report
Process Capability Analysis Report
UUT Reporting
Serial Number History
UUR Report
Repair and RMA Analysis
Repair Time Analysis

Data Export Wizard
Test Station Reporting
Overall Equipment Efficiency Analysis
Gauge RnR Analysis
Connection and Execution Time Analysis
Private Dashboards
Public Dashboards
Map View Dashboard
Trigger Module - Scenario-based Notifications

Product Group Configuration
User Management and Access Level Configuration
Custom Test and Repair Process Configuration
Unit Verification Rules and Operator Interface
Virtual System-Hierarchy Manager
Product Manager - BOM Integration and Box-Build Definitions
Test Software and Unit Firmware Distribution
MAC and Serial Number Distribution
Asset Manager - Configure and monitor asset maintenance schedules
Manual Inspection Sequence Builder
Manual Inspection Operator Interface
Repair Operator Interface
WATS Client for data upload
NI TestStand Plugin
ATEazy Integration
RestAPI - Export Data and Interface External Systems

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