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Gain real-time insights from your test and repair data

WATS Test Data Management system helps your business effectively collect, visualize, and analyze data across your entire supply chain.


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Why choose WATS?


Increase data visibility

Quickly make informed decisions with a global overview of all manufacturing test and repair data in a single portal.

Continuously improve quality

Use WATS' top-down approach to detect frequent test or product failures where they first appear and fix them there.

Integrate to your Business Software

WATS is capable reading any existing file formates and databases.  Think Lean, think WATS - the system is completely consistent with the Six Sigma principles.  


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All the tools you need to have complete control

Make educated decisions based on real-time insights. WATS helps

you identify problems and solve them as quickly as possible.


Automated data collection

Seamlessly upload test data to your WATS server and structure it for further analytics and reporting.

Test data analytics

Get true yield metrics from all of your key products and processes to ensure highly relevant data.

Distributed data dashboards

Track production yield and KPIs via built-in dashboards with refresh capabilities and custom filters.

Inspection sequence builder

Graphically design standardized inspection workflows to ensure consistency and full traceability.

Workflow rules and validation

Set conditional rules and logic to automatically force product routing based on manufacturing policies.

Easy asset management

Define test assets, sub-components, and maintenance intervals to track the overall health of your assets.

WATS dashboard, completely consistent with the Six sigma principles.

Make informed, data-driven
decisions on a global scale

Why engineers loves WATS
See what our customers have to say.


"I have been working intensely with automatic test systems for the last 20 years, storing test data and analyzing them was always a challenge. This changed suddenly, the moment I started using WATS. Without spending intensive time in manual data preparation and computing, I can get test process analysis easy and quickly, which offers us an additional boost for our continuous lean activities in production."


Matthias Strauß, Sennheiser
Production Manager Service and Support



“Almost immediately after adopting WATS we were exposed to the most present weaknesses with our manufacturing test systems. Within the first month of use we were able to reduce the failures in our first test run by 50%, significantly reducing the need to retest our products”

Stefan Ledberg,Scanreco
Test Development Manager

Improve problem-solving and ensure quality

WATS not only helps you understand your test data, but also provides
advanced capabilities to give you proactive control of your manufacturing



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